March 21 2011, 05:43 PM



SO i FINALLLLLLYYY finished this superduper long overdue trade with my good ol buddy Psusophisticate, which initially was a supposed to be a sketch trade, but I went all out because she deserves it and much more! UGH took me so long takes to school and stuff, BUT ITS FINALLY DONE!! I hope you like it!!! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into it -nuked- 

Oh and yes, these are her characters Braz, Ulger and Luvena ( in that order) and Luvena is deathly afraid of puffer fish. Poor girl XD

Dios Mio…

Braz, what the hell?! You’re such a loser.

Melody, this is the best. It’s so hilarious. Omg, Ulger’s face is so creepy and devious. He loves to torment merfolk. Braz especially. Probably because Braz is so gullible. Poor Luvena. lol you remembered her fear of puffer fish! I love her face, it’s so cute! She does not want her best friend looking like an ugly (not to mention poisonous) fish. Ulger better change him back. :I I love the coloring and their poses and, well, everything! It’s just amazing. Thank you so much. <3