April 22 2014, 04:19 PM
ARTIST: Fiona Apple
TRACK: Sullen Girl
ALBUM: Tidal
1,907 plays
April 17 2014, 03:21 PM
ARTIST: Hey Rosetta!
TRACK: New Goodbye
425 plays
April 15 2014, 03:14 PM
ARTIST: Hey Rosetta!
TRACK: Yer Spring
ALBUM: Seeds
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April 10 2014, 04:32 PM
ARTIST: Hey Rosetta!
TRACK: Yer Fall
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April 10 2014, 03:23 PM


High Seas | listen

an instrumental mix for writing about the high seas and the dangerous people who sail them .

“Seaward ho! Hang the treasure! It’s the glory of the sea that has turned my head.”

April 10 2014, 02:42 PM
ARTIST: Pink Floyd
TRACK: Wish You Were Here
ALBUM: Wish You Were Here
12,259 plays
April 06 2014, 04:10 PM
ARTIST: A La Claire Fontaine
TRACK: A la Claire Fontaine
ALBUM: The Highwaymen
49 plays
April 02 2014, 03:32 PM
ARTIST: Bobby Darin
TRACK: Dream Lover
ALBUM: The Very Best Of Bobby Darin
14,265 plays
March 22 2014, 02:48 PM
ARTIST: Death Cab for Cutie
TRACK: A Lack of Color
ALBUM: Transatlanticism
129 plays
March 21 2014, 02:06 PM
TRACK: Attack On Titan theme 8-bit remix
41,141 plays
March 20 2014, 03:32 PM
TRACK: anyway here's wonderwall
163,865 plays
March 11 2014, 03:18 PM
ARTIST: Filter
TRACK: Take A Picture
ALBUM: Title Of Record
2,477 plays
February 23 2014, 03:11 PM


"My name is Alex Drake, I’ve just been shot and that bullet has taken me back to 1981. I might be one second away from life, or one second away from death. All I know is that I have to keep fighting."